About us


Work with frequencies for a higher quality in life, health & wellness.


Known for extraordinary solutions in over 25 years, an exceptional link between medicine of the past, present and future.


On our website you will find extensive information about our company, our wide range of products (Rostock-Essences, Rostock-Globules, Rostock-Badges, etc.) and about the education and trainings we offer. All Rostock-Products can be ordered directly via Online shop or per email office@solid-sol.com.


Solid Sol - the center, where the most modern medicine, the quantum medicine, is combined with special abilities, life experience and brains. Our goal is your long-standing health and stable evolution - to boost your quality of life!


Solid Sol combines three major units: The Solid Sol Therapy Centre, the production and distribution of Rostock-products as well as the Solid Sol Academy.