Imedis therapY

Intelligent Medical System (IMEDIS)


Another possibility or intensification of energetic light work is the work with the resonance apparatus IMEDIS. The name is an acronym for „Intelligent Medical System“. At the Solid Sol Therapy Centre, the Imedis device and the special abilities of Nicola Wohlgemuth can now be combined to create a unique form of resonance therapy.


The background to resonance therapy

The organism and its functioning parts send weak electromagnetic waves (physiological vibrations) within a very wide spectral range. This spectral range extends from ultra-long waves to vibrations of light (biophotons). In an ideal state these physiological vibrations cause us to feel in harmony - physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Through external infuences (work, stress, pollution, etc.), these oscillations can become irritated. If the body is no longer able to harmonize these irritated vibrations, blockages and disease can result. However, this can be corrected.


Since the ideal vibrations are stored in the Imedis device, the discordant states can be converted back into harmony by the body. Since all of the condition levels of a living being (body, soul, spirit, morphogenetic field) are inseparable, all areas can be compensated in this way.




·         The Imedis device offers signifcantly more possibilities than conventional Bioresonance therapy;

·         There is a much larger number of stored frequencies, but also more types of therapies: endo- and exogenous bioresonance, electro-acupuncture or magnetic resonances.

·         All treatments are completely painless, but you can feel them very clearly in the form of tingling, pulling, heat or cold. Fatigue during the therapy indicates a very good response and receptivity of the body.

·         The conventional BRT is an endogenous BRT. Here, one’s own vibrations are passed to the unit via conductive plates where they are then „ordered“, „settled“ and „cleaned“ and returned to the body.

·         The exogenous BRT brings selected frequencies into our system that we have stored in the Imedis device or through actual preparations. You thereby not only strengthen the healthy frequencies in the body, so that the organs adapt to this frequency, but you can also delete old, polluting frequencies and therefore release the stress that these old has frequencies have caused in the body.

·         With Imedis some special treatments can be performed that are otherwise restricted. These include the treatment of addictions of any kind; parasite infestation: worms, fungi, bacteria and other single cell organisms (extremely successful in Borrelia, herpes, chlamydia!), infertility and much more.

·         The conventional, standard medical therapy is made much more effcient through the use of IMEDIS and the negative side effects are reduced. In many countries of the world Imedis devices can be found in hospitals, pharmacies and medical practices. Originally, this frequency medicine was developed for the space program, since it is not possible to simply „send“ drugs when they are needed. Imedis is therefore a high-tech medical device!

·         Another possibility is the Imedis device for producing globules: globules can serve as a quasi blank disc on which you can store data (frequencies).


At the Solid Sol Therapy Center, the Imedis device and the special abilities of Nicola Wohlgemuth can now be combined to create a unique form of resonance therapy. In combination with the Rostock-Essences, Rostock-Globules, badges and selected preparations which may be recommended, the client is offered a wide array of comprehensive care resulting in long-term and outstanding success.


Working with frequencies has existed for many decades. Especially in the area of bioresonance therapy, basic scientific research is extremely advanced worldwide and has been progressing in rapidly advancing knowledge.

Although the subject of frequencies is recognized by physics in the area of quantum physics and in chemistry assound science“, the resistance of the classic, originallyPreparations-basedmedicine is great, even though no one doubts the value of conventional medicine. The fantastic successes with Imedis speak for themselves - both as an accompaniment to conventional forms of therapy, as well as in prevention and acute treatment.



In the past, the existence of electricity, portable telephones, computers foreveryoneor microwaves to heat a meal were simply dismissed as fantasies although today it is impossible to imagine life without these things. This, in principle, only proves that scientific thinkers are only appreciated when the broad masses have caught up and technical developments have matured enough to make the visionary’s theories verifiable. And even then, it may take decades for them to be accepted or recognized worldwide. The researchers who developed the Imedis device are familiar with this fate, because they are hardly recognized particularly in Western countries.