Known for extraordinary solutions in over 25 years, an exceptional link between medicine of the past, present and future.


Our goals


Long-standing health, alignment and stable evolution in a modern and hypertechnic time.


·         Enhance health

·         Boost quality of life

·         Optimize working atmosphere

·         Harmonising environment

·         Change interfering fields


Your benefit


·         Working hours become quality of life.

·         Reduction of complex increasing strains from outside and inside a company.

·         Uncovering and support of personnel’s skills.

·         Performance enhancement PLUS personal satisfaction: Reduction of number of employee’s illness, Increase of stress resistance and compensation, Reduction of labor turnover rate (e.g. burnout), Improvement of motivation, Reduction of technical as natural interference fields at work stations, Amendment of working and room atmosphere (strain suppression).

·         Immediately effective methods and promptly corrective measures.

·         25 years expert knowledge and innovations on scientific foundation.


Individual service


Free developement of the individual will result in real success and pure joy. The major task therefore is a knowing considerate guidance.


·         Support for special concerns, persons as ambitions;

·         Individual coaching based on system Wohlgemuth;

·         Energetic advisory service - (inclusive energetic scanning);

·         Treatments using Expertsystem IMEDIS;

·         Increase in cerebral efficiency and performance enhancement (Powerbrain);

·         Burn-Out prophylaxis and treatment;

·         Individual creations (badges, Rostock-Essences, etc.);


Specific frequency products


Production and distribution of products using a special programming process precisely tailored to current and future requirements.


·         Rostock-Essences for medicinal and personal use;

·         Badges for the transformation of electronic smog through to mobile phone pollution;

·         Globules for fast and immediate use ranging from viral infections to Lyme disease and from disruption of concentration to heavy metal contamination;

·         Additional product lines for gardener supplies, agriculture and environmental restoration;

·         The programming is sealed and therefore impervious to external interference fields and stresses;

·         Constant, event-driven updates of the programming;

·         Unlimited duration of information density and intensity;

·         Available from Sold Sol, retailers, Austrian pharmacies and Amazon;

·         The current range of approximately 500 individual products is being expanded continuously.

·         The products have been evaluated by doctors internationally and researched by scientists.