The Solid Sol Academy


The well known Academy for Energetic Work


Founded in 1994, with the aim of showing people a way that knowledge and skills can be taught in combination. Not only is spiritual, esoteric or magical knowledge and their application communicated, but, more importantly, the fundamentals of vibration theory, holistic medicine, anatomy, color theory, physics, herbalism, the knowledge of stone and more. As an approved training center for energetic work / frequency therapy, this school combines a scientific foundation with interdisciplinary views - the starting position in order to better align and adapt at the beginning of a new age.


A major effort of education is to provide a clear and stable foundation in the form of knowledge, skill and control, combined with ethical and basic moral structures for living together, which is of fundamental importance in this new era. The selection of over 40 seminars is continually adapted and expanded to meet new requirements and needs. Several lecturers and guest lecturers enrich the Academy. Extensive seminar materials facilitate learning and comprehension outside of the course.


The courses are for anyone who wants to continue education, recognize the powers and activate them in a controlled way, and learn how to forge the own happiness independent of external circumstances. There are also various courses designed for people with problems to learn to help themselves to activate their self-healing powers and signifcantly improve their quality of life. Then there are courses for people who do not know how to deal properly with their more or less pronounced skills, but who would like to use, develop and monitor them. And of course, all courses are intended to educate and train physicians, pharmacists, therapists, counselors, coaches, etc. and to expand their range and their horizons while strengthening the stability on solid ground, so they can follow their path successfully and joyfully.


Academy philosophy


·         Only when the fundamental knowledge is available, can you absorb, understand and use the advanced material that it is built upon! Therefore, there are some courses which are a prerequisite for the basic block (hence the name!).

·         The Magic Afternoon, a free afternoon to get an idea of the Academy and the teachers! Every autumn (september) anyone who is interested has the possibility to get an overview of the company‘s philosophy, the course content and get to know the course teachers personally. This should give you an idea if the offer, the people and ideas appeal to you or not. If you cannot fnd a connection with a person, it is diffcult to learn something from them.

·         The seminars are designed so that after the end of the seminar you will actually be capable of working with the material - there are noimpracticalcourses!

·         In order to teach people to cope with the demands of the new era to come, it requires not only adaption of existing seminar contents. New courses are being created continuously to meet new demands.

·         Individuality, personality development and free will are paramount, therefore there are no contracts or commitments of any kind. Our quality speaks for itself, and has been doing so for over 20 years!

·         Education should cost something - but should not be a burden. The fees for the courses are deliberately set very low - because education - especially in this area - should not be financially oriented, but talent oriented.

·         Seminars pay once - visit a soften as you like! Each person can only absorb a certain amount of new knowledge. Because you will learn so much new things in the courses, you may miss or simply not understand everything. Therefore, each student can attend the same seminars as often as he/she wants, but only pay the course fee once. For all other visits, only a share of the classroom costs are contributed! (As an example: in Austria about 15 EUR).

·         Practice afternoons are offered to resolve issues and uncertainties. These too at very low cost!

·         Tests - for your own self-confidence! Tests on most seminar contents can be made on a voluntary basis - they are designed to show your knowledge and skills - and boost self-confidence tremendously!

·         The course program is merely a buffet for many different tastes - it is not meant for you to complete all the courses, so there is no order in which they have to be taken - but there is a division into 3 different levels as a guide.

·         Seminars that are not listed in the annual plan will be held if there is a suffcient number of interested persons.

·         The aim of the Solid Sol Academy is not only to train critical-thinking, self-responsible-, and forward-thinking persons, but to also see to it that they are free, joyous and successful personalities. So you will find no whispering gurus, but rather a humorous teacher, who embraces life and no adoring sheep, but aspiring individuals!


Seminar vs. lecture

Often the length and content density of the seminars are not compatible with the time interested people can spare. The descriptions of each course therefore offer a wide selection of topics from which individual lectures can be booked. Content and duration are adapted optimally to your wishes and ideas.


For companies

Of particular interest is the opportunity for companies to train their executives and employees on special topics. The goal is to implement this knowledge in everyday life and thereby lead the company to a healthy, harmonious and successful state.

Here are some of the favorite subjects: "Improved Stress-Stability", "Burn-out: Background and Prevention"; "The spectrum of burden in the modern techno-era, possible consequences and means of reduction" etc.


For schools & parents

It is not our children who are becoming constantly more difficult, but rather they are adapting faster and even more radically to the current upheavals. Child raising measures, thought patterns and beliefs can and should also be changed. New situations also offer opportunities for new views and changes in one's own actions.

Typical topics: "Our children are different - what is it, what are the effects, how can we deal with it better "; "Mobbing - previously, hardly any, now, almost daily - why and what to do about it?"; "PC Games, Private Networks & Co - new ways of manipulation and addiction - background, explanations and ways out of these dependencies"; "Recognizing strengths and weaknesses in order to develop one's own personality", etc.


Interested or professional groups and, of course, all interested persons are invited to contact us - we will find a solution!