The gallery wohlgemuth -

because beauty is for the eye to enjoy!



The Wohlgemuth gallery is something different.

It is not just a gallery, but a philosophy in virtual and real space.


Conveying beauty

As the first and only gallery we follow this motto at the openings, through the ambience and at events. The goal is simply to show beauty.


First Steps

The prices also allow unknown and emerging artists who have joy in their work, to present themselves in a beautiful environment.



Joy, not trauma-processing be in the pictures. The exhibitions are always appropriate for children, and will not scare, unsettle or confront them. Not suffering, illness, grief, war or darkness, but colors, life, joy, light and beauty are shown - marvel at special moments. Because beauty and joy should grace our hearts, walls and our environment.


Success to the artists

The artists only rent the exhibition space. There are no sales commissions! Daily, fixed opening times and free admission.


Regular Events

Regular events (lectures, seminars, etc.) in the gallery rooms ensure a wonderful atmosphere for all types of audiences.


„Meeting Point Gallery“

The gallery Wohlgemuth is a place where you are welcome and can charge your batteries. Because the beauty of the images also revitalizes the heart and soul.


Fort he artists of tomorrow

Children and teenagers are the artists forming the future. The Gallery Wohlgemuth is the best place to encounter art for the first time.



Interested in taking part?

Do you like the mission statement of the gallery, my thoughts and my ideas?

Then I would be happy if you could help to restore and strengthen our lives and our world with beauty. There are truly amazingly good artists - young and old - and their ability to make themselves know is often a lack of money. Even if you only want to cover expenses - these must still be financed on the part of the artist. Here, all of us who treasure the value of beauty have our role to play.


I therefore request your sponsorship - as a one time contribution or as a monthly amount - large or small - to help us make a start.


Bank Austria BLZ 12000 Account: 51542898001

IBAN: AT07120005154289800 BIC: BKAUATWW

Recipient: Solid Sol HGmbH / Gallery; Purpose: Sponsoring


More information can be found at the gallery website






There are unfortunately artistically incredibly talented young people who "perish" in our system. For one thing, arts funding in adolescence demands an exceptional talent requires and also, because teachers and parents neither want nor can deal with the organization of an exhibition or can. To promote young artists is a wonderful thing, especially because it is important more than ever to support talents.


Living from one’s own art may not be the immediate goal of life, but perhaps promoting creativity is even more important - because our brain needs tasks from different areas in order to function optimally.


Important is the appreciation and respect for talent and skill - also as a support for the self-worth, perhaps even as an incentive and motivator to be successful in a future profession. It is important that this project is provided at no additional cost to the families of adolescents. All of the administrative work is carried out entirely by the company Solid Sol HGmbH (Of course we’re always grateful for volunteers!). For the expenses of the gallery (space for 6 weeks exhibition, printing & posting of invitations / project documents etc., buffet for the vernissage), a total of about 2500 EUR is calculated and third-party assistance is needed from you because you are excited about this project and convinced and understand the value of this project.


If you like the idea, then become a sponsor - any amount is welcome!

IBAN AT07 1200 0515 4289 8001


Password: Sponsoring Young Art Project