Solid Sol Therapy Centre


Holistic approach to medicine


Naturopathic and resonance therapy - holistic approach to medicine

At the Solid Sol Therapy Centre, you will receive assistance from holistic medicine. Our goal is to help you to activate your own self-healing powers again to achieve a healthy and balanced state. The Energetic Light Work is a treatment that is performed mainly on the energetic level, but it acts very quickly on the remaining layers, and thereby brings discordant states back into balance. To bring body - soul - spirit and the energy field back into harmony, one works on the acupuncture meridians (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and the chakras (Indian teachings). Each meridian (energy path) is associated with an organ, dental, muscle, skin area etc. Each meridian is also „responsible“ for emotions and keeps them in balance. If there are any blockages in the energy flow, it becomes difficult to react appropriately emotionally to the situation. If the energy flows of several meridians are disrupted, this usually also has a very fast physical effect. If these energies are brought back into balance, the physical symptoms are also quickly relieved or solved.


Therapeutic topics


·         Burn-out (preventions & solutions),

·         allergies (skin or breathing system) like: psoriasis, neuro dermatitis, hay fever, asthma etc.,

·         cancer and chemotherapy,

·         migraine and headaches,

·         cerebral dysfunction (stroke, dementia, ADHS etc.) ,

·         metabolic dysfunction (hormonal imbalances, diabetes etc.),

·         lack of concentration, memory deficit,

·         learning disability, ADD,

·         disturbance of growth,

·         desire for child / infertility,

·         low energetic level, fatigue, tiredness,

·         panic attacks, fear,

·         organs of sense: eyes (improvement), ears (tinnitus), etc.,

·         helping treatment after surgery, broken bones, accidents, wounds, scars,

·         intensification of common treatments, diets, training,

·         etc.


These are only a few examples to give you an impression!


No matter what kind of problem - physical, emotional, mental or energetically -  no matter how long you have had it, no matter what sort or level a disease - here you find help. Get in contact for your appointment! A treatment takes about 1.5 hours. If you have questions - don´t hesitate to contact us per email or phone!


Skype-Appointments - help & therapy around the world

If you have a Skype account, you can have a personal appointment with Ms. Wohlgemuth although being at different places. Please send an inquiry to the Skype address „wohlgemuth-nicola, so Ms. Wohlgemuth can add you to her contacts. After that an appointment can be made.


Legal Information

Informing your doctor about taking Rostock Essences is acceptable and desirable. In acute, severe or life-threatening diseases visiting a physician is essential and should not be delayed by anything. The work done with the Rostock Essences does not substitute for a doctor visit. Any use of the Rostock-essences only serves the treatment and care of everyday complaints, as well as providing additional support to conventional medical therapies.

For legal reasons, we must point out that the manufacturer and distributor assume no liability whatsoever for any harm or damage as a result of practical implementation. Neither may the manufacturer and distributor be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage that anyone, directly or indirectly, may suffer from the information contained in this website.