services Offered


·         Production of specific frequency products

Rostock-Essences, Rostock-Globules, Rostock-Badges, Individual Jewelry Pendants, Coffee & Tea Magic, Water-Vitalization „The Rostock Way“, Rostock Country & Garden, etc. The current rage of approximately 500 individual products is being expanded continuously.


·         Trade & distribution of frequency products

We supply customers around the world. Our customers include wholesalers, retailers, Austrian pharmacies and of course end consumers;


·         Individual coaching & therapy

Holistic approach to medicine, treatments using Expertsystem IMEDIS, individual Coaching based on system Wohlgemuth;


·         Courses & seminars at the Solid Sol Academy

The Academy for Energetic Work offers about 40 seminars (the fundamentals of vibration theory, holistic medicine, knowledge of stone, spiritual knowledge etc.) - a combination of scientific foundation with interdisciplinary views;