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As coincidence (which of course doesn’t exist) would have it, the first Rostock-Essences  found their way to the Ludwig Boltzmann Research Institute for Biosensors and Bio-Energetic Environmental Research under the direction of Dr. Noemi Kempe. After initial inspections in her institute and further tests in Moscow, I received a very clear message to produce more essences. Statements such as "this idea in the form of essences is actually not feasible" or "The effect certainly cannot be achieved with only an essence" were understandably exactly the statements I needed to inspire me and to exceed and expand my limits permanently. The most important thing for me was and still is, that none of my essences have ever been taken and examined without reservation. No one has ever felt from the outset that it is clear that the result would be good because they are Rostock Essences - quite the contrary. Dr. Kempe is particularly skeptical and critical in everything new that she receives from me. Which is why the moment when the results are reported is all the more uplifting!


I have also experience scientific evidence of the "other kind". I also turned to several so-called independent research centers in Austria and Germany in order to have different products measured. However, I never received the results because I was not only put off with the strangest excuses, but also because the term "independent" is open to a lot of interpretation. I was told in no uncertain terms that this institute sold its own products, but the measurements showed that they were not as effective as the Rostock products. If I were prepared to pay the costs to have them produced, I would receive a written result.  A lot of money had to be paid for theseteachingexperiences and the behavior of these types of companies is truly frightening.


Whether or not scientifically recognized - in any case tests were carried out by means of water crystal photography. The results were sensational and the cost if you wanted to publish names or photos of it were just as sensational, which is why these images continue to eke out their existence in the desk drawer.



Scientific Recognition / Moscow April 2012


In the years leading up to and just after the turn of the millennium, the Rostock-essences were entered into the Imedis Institute databases Moscow. Here, it was explicitly pointed out that these stored data could not match the actual frequency range in the slightest measure. In 2011 came the invitation of the Russian Research Center for Intelligent Medical Systems "IMEDIS" at the Congress of 2012, to hold a several hour long lecture on the Rostock-essences. IMEDIS is a science center where researchers and doctors from various fields have worked together for decades. This congress held annually brings together several hundred researchers, scientists and doctors from around the world for almost 2 weeks during which they present their research results and the latest findings to colleagues and other interested parties.


The "IMEDIS" center not only offers decades of experience in the development and application of hardware and software systems in the field of energy medicine equipment in institutes and doctor practices, but also the performance of modern computer technology.


"The Rostock-essences, THE Medicine of the Future" was the title of the 5-hour lecture, in which Dr. N. Kempe not only served as a simultaneous translator on the side, but also as a scientist with over 20 years of experience who was able to provide many explanations and details on the world of Rostock essences to the auditorium audience.


You will frequently find in the volumes on the Rostock-essences, comments and advice from physicians and researchers.



Moscau, Russia - XVIII International Conference

20. - 21. 4. 2012

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