Business coaching


Many influences that have intensified promptly since the turn of the millennium, can have a strong effect on a company. The strain of technical fields and rapidly sinking energy level at work are often the cause of frequent illnesses, burnout problems and internal tensions. Quite often it is enough to change trivial things to achieve a great positive effect.


Over 25 years of efficient management within our own company enables us to provide a different understanding of the needs, weaknesses or dangerous situations for companies. Therefore, the advice we can offer is incomparable to a typical management consultancy. Counselling and support, ideas and advice, clarification of tasks, recognition of bottlenecks, weaknesses and deficits, highlighting the strengths, sketching of goals and structures and much more.


The goal is to create a satisfactory and fluid energy flow within the company, which can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the company as well as the environment.