Energy-structures at places & locations

Counselling for energy-structures


Even though we know that the whole universe is made of energy, we sometimes forget, that disruptions within the energy-structure can directly influence our daily life and wellbeing. Ever since the asian way of thinking in the areas of medicine and room-energy has been brought into Europe, almost everyone knows about Feng-Shui. In our counselling sessions it is very important to us to respond to actual circumstances. This also means that we need to be aware of where exactly on earth we are, at which location the energy-structures may be disturbed, because Feng-Shui is a technology that fits wonderfully for Asia, China and Japan, but it cannot be used without modification in other countries.


In the end, we treat pathogenic places no differently than sick people. For every system there is an energy-structure, that makes this system healthy at a subtle level. If those energy-flows are disturbed or interrupted, the living beings who spend time in these places (living, working) also get sick.


We look at the structures, find the weak points and balance them back out. For this we use different aids and practice has shown that the success of our Rostock-Badges is the most stable.