Possibilities for Therapeutic treatment


Due to her extraordinary abilities, Nicola Wohlgemuth (founder and CEO of Solid Sol) has a way to diagnose and treat that others don´t have. As a result, new impulses of recovery arise, additionally to the classic medical perspective.


Face-to-face Therapy


Therapy: After making an appointment by phone call or personally you may come to the practice of Ms. Wohlgemuth. If it is your first appointment there will be an extensive dialogue, followed by a therapeutic session with the Imedis-device, combined with Ms. Wohlgemuth´ s abilities. At successional sessions the dialogue will usually be shorter, the Imedis session longer. The duration of an appointment adds up to 90 minutes.


Testing: You may direct your wishes/concerns via e-mail, fax, phone or letter to us. Ms. Wohlgemuth will test according to your personal data (Name and date of birth) a personal treatment bottle. Said treatment bottle will be sent by postal service or can be retrieved directly at the headquarter in Gleisdorf (after our opening hours you may use our special pick-up table).


Remote Therapy Imedis


People, who don´t have the possibility to travel or are to ill, can make use of the remote therapy (Imedis therapy based on mental energy). The remote Imedis then runs continuously 3x24 hours. Here too you may have a testing and a personal treatment bottle, that will be sent via postal service.


For a remote Therapy Ms. Wohlgemuth needs the same data you would give at an appointment: name and surname, date of birth, for animals a picture, address, so that we can send you the treatment bottle and detailed information about what should be treated. The remote therapy is best suited for support during surgery, or comatose patients, at acute emergencies etc.


Appointments can be made via phone call or an e-mail to office@solid-sol.com.


Power Brain - for efficient brain activity


A special form of therapy in frequence medicine-directly or via “remote therapy”.


What is Power Brain? It is a segmented Imedis-session, where selected programs for concentration, cogitation, retentivity, oxygen and blood supply within the brain as well as peculiar cerebral frequencies are used. Naturally, the equivalent Rostock-Essences are included as well. The Imedis-device has some truly sensational frequencies instore for activating and improving cerebral efficacy.


What is it for? Better attention, cerebral efficacy, sleep-wake cycle, restorative sleep, higher retentivity and concentration, motivation, better fine motor skills - generally better wellbeing. Obvious improvement, even at Alzheimer, Dementia, coma, postoperative situations etc.


Who can profit from such a Power Brain? Naturally everyone who wishes to optimize his or her mental activity. Pupils, students, apprentices, teachers, parents etc. Originally, Power Brain was developed to help clients within the area of PVS (persistent vegetative state), apoplexy (stroke), Alzheimer, Parkinson and dyslexia. Since there was such a high success rate it was refined for everyday use.


Costs: one session costs 15 € per person - in addition we offer our special treatment bottle “learning” and our Rostock Globules “optimization of cerebral functions” at the exceptional price 5€ instead of 6,50 €. A written application is mandatory!


Counselling session via Skype/telephone


Counselling via Skype: If you own a Skype account, please send a Skype-request to Ms. Wohlgemuth under the name: “wohlgemuth-nicola” and make a counselling appointment like this with Ms. Wohlgemuth. The session will be held via Skype, if possible with camera.


Counselling via telephone: Please make an appointment with the office personnel. The session is charged by time.


House calls (for humans & animals)


We also offer appointments for house calls. Please contact our office personnel.